Do you ever feel that something is off or somethings are holding you back from being the best version of yourself?

It might be:
People- Friends or there anyone that when you meet up with or talk to you just feel more tired and drained than before you spoke to them..start with having a talk to them if possible to tell them it's annoying you and if doesn't help maybe limit the time spent with them and unfortunately sometimes you just have to remove the totally from your life! People grow apart in a lifetime and need to go separate ways. 
Things- is your home filled with stuff you don't use or love like clothes, interior things, kids toys, paper etc etc - give them away or sell.
Food - have a look in your fridge/freezer/drawers and check are there outdated foods, foods that is not giving you any positive energy...just get rid of it and remember the 80/20 rule when you eat in a week...80% of what you eat is healthy and if possible organic & 20 % can be some extra good stuff like cake, wine, burger, pizza, ice cream..
Clothes- go through them and sell or give away clothes you have not used in one year, doesn't make you look good NOW and that you don't love or doesn't make you feel happy!

By doing this you at the same time are giving space to more things in your life that is meant for you and that is positive and is making you grow and get better.. Hope this gave you some insight and help and enjoy your journey and remember to start your day by being grateful for all the good things you already have!

In that way you send out signals to the universe that you are open for more good, abundance and Love!

Have a great rest of the week!