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Vacation & you schedule it in?

Do you feel like you need a vacation or some downtime? Are you tired and worn out and still got millions of things on your mind you need to get done? Sounds familiar? yes I thought so…All of as at some point gets to this… so what do you do?

Firstly I would suggest take a moment to breathe. Get away from your work and sit in silence for a few minutes concentrating on your breathing or go out for a walk in the nature or by the sea. The nature does wonders to calm down and unwind.

Then write a list of the 3 most important things that urgently needs to get done and leave the rest… it can wait! Like your laundry for example!

And plan in a mini vacation in the near future.. even a day can help to totally log out of all social media, email, what’s app and just go out into the nature and soak in the fresh air!

Please leave a comment below if you think this helped you and let me know how you unwind! Feel free to share this post if it was helpful!