My name is Isabella. I am a mum, entrepreneur, Pilates instructor & personal trainer. I am here to guide and support you when it comes to training and living a healthy lifestyle, where ever you are. I teach SURF CONDITIONING to make you a great surfer and have FUN!

Training, sports and health has always been a big part of my life. While growing up in Finland I spent most of my time hitting the slopes, in the handball court or at the dance studio. After I finished my business studies in 2001 I decided to move to London, where I was introduced to photography and yoga that became a big inspiration in my life. 

Another powerful influence in my life is Cape Town, South Africa, where my family moved back in 1995. In 2007 I decided to make training a part of my professional life and I got my Personal Trainer certificate at ETA (Exercise Teachers Academy), one of the leading sport and fitness institutes in South Africa. I also finished Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Mat Pilates at James Raaff & Associates

During my six years in South Africa I taught Pilates and Surf Conditioning classes in the Academy Studios in Muizenberg, BP Wellness Studio in Llandudno and on the beaches of Cape Town. I also thought Pilates at Moola in Helsinki in 2011 and in the Åland Islands at Medis when I lived there in 2013-2014. 2014-2015 I worked at the Elite Personal Training Club in Helsinki as a personal trainer and pilates classes. I teached LIVE online classes at Yogaia as from 2015-2017.

Today I am based in Finland and work as a Personal trainerPilates instructor with clients in their homes, outdoors, at Fit Viherlaakso, Fressi and KSUF.

I also offer Online Surf Conditioning and have reintroduced the Surf Conditioning class in Finland. Got some exciting News regards to Surf Retreats so watch this space ;)!!!

  My passion is helping you living a balanced organic active lifestyle and feel good about yourself living your passion. I hope training with me will increase your self-awareness to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, boost your creativity and make you feel free and happy with yourself.  As the change to live a healthy lifestyle has to start with you I believe the words below are so true. I am here to support you on the way.

"I recognize my true inner beauty. I value and cherish all that I am. I have the power to transform my life and to experience true joy"




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Images provided by ARO HĀ Wellness Retreat.